Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nobel Prize?

I like a lot of Americans and people around the world were shocked to see President Obama win the Nobel Prize for peace. What did he do? I mean he has been office for 9 months, and I do not believe the world or this country even is more peaceful now then it has been 9 months ago. From my understanding the prize is awarded to those who have actually accomplished something.

Fox news host Mike Huckabee said it best. He said "he has won the prize for peaceful actions that are in the process, and has not been achieved yet". He is right, he is in the process, but even still his peaceful solutions might not work, and what if it doesn't? The prize committee cannot strip him from this prize right? I mean they ought to be able to. I just think the Nobel Prize was given to him way too prematurely, and even then, who says he even would ever deserve it. I suppose then I have won the 2036 election. Thats awesome! Guess I got time to get my administration ready for the big day.


The website Worldnetdaily is continuing their pursuit to remove President Obama from presidency for not being a natural born citizen of the United States. Worldnetdaily has put of billboard signs saying "where is the birth certificate"? For the most part the media has been mum on the topic, and quite frankly it shouldn't be talked about so much since I personally think he was born here, and I will explain why.

The one thing I will say right off the bat, is that the birth certificate he gave out shortly before the elections is not an official birth certificate that proves where he was born. I do however think this was a strategic ploy to keep some parts of the media entertained and waste time and resources so he can later prove them completely wrong and make himself look like he was being a victim from the media. It makes perfect sense for the Obama administration to do this, since its the right wing aka birthers who are trying to boot him out and when elections in 2012 come, he has ammo to attack them with, and it will make right wing to look like more devious than him.

Now this is why, if people who believe he is not a US citizen read this, stop attacking him on this issue, I believe this is a trap to the birthers so he can walk away with the elections in 2012. I know there are a lot of issues to attack him with, so keep with those, drop this whole eligibility concerns, its just not going to work, if it were, I think he would have been doomed way back before he announced his run for the presidency.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

National Health Care

As the title of my blogs indicate, I follow politics. After the first three being food related posts, its time to get some politics in here. I am a Moderate Conservative, but have lately been drawn to becoming an Independent as I have lost a lot of faith in my Republican Party. Aside from all that mumbo jumbo, this country has a vote that I believe will transform America as we know it.

First off, the popular question should be asked, does everyone have a right at affordable healthcare? Not everyone here can be healthy as an Ox, with the food industry cramming crap into our bodies that are not healthy at all, with a lot more entertainment that keeps us from our daily exercise and illness like the flu and H1N1 spreading about, I think every citizen deserve healthcare, but the problem is, do we trust our government with such the task?

This is not easy, but if you follow politics closely there are two ways of looking at this. On the left (democrats) its worrisome cause this can decide the congress and the presidential elections in 2010 and 2012. President Obama better live up to the words he enacted on national television and if there are any hidden agendas and or lies in his bill, then the nay sayers will have a field day with this, and thus increasing his chances of losing in the elections. I would hope the left would be smart and not try to trick anyone. If you are the right (republicans) why fight it so much? If you are very convinced the President lied and will not follow through with his promises let him fail then. If he does good, and follows through, then at least Americans can be properly insured and then the attitude towards the government will be more positive, I mean they do want healthy people right???? This is exactly why we need more bi partisan people in congress, work for the people, not spew nonsenese at each other for the sake of winning elections.

My take on this situation is exactly how I explained above. I must wait and see what happens first before I cast any sort of judgement on this issue. If it fails and he does not deliver, he probably loses the election, if it goes well, then I at least know I can get healthcare. I am trying to see this at middle of the road. I personally would not think Obama would want to be ousted by 2012, so this in theory ought to work, but theories can and are a lot of times wrong. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will we have National Health Care like the Cubans, or can the US step up to the plate and actually show the world how its done?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Five chain joint?

Admittedly when I first heard the name of this place about two years ago, I had seriously thought it was a gay bar or something. To my relief it was a burger joint, and man let me tell you a great burger joint at that. Even when I found out it was a joint, I didn't go there until not too long ago.

Its one of those places that seems to go a bit retro in look. One of the few surprises there is that the menu is very small. You have choices of hamburgers and hot dogs, with fries, well you have to order the fries separately. What it makes up with a small menu is tons of choices for your burger. Let me tell you first off, and that is all the toppings are free! No extra charge, superb! Whats also great is that if you have two people and I am not kidding here, its that a large fry will more than enough serve two people. See the thing is, when you get your food it comes in a large brown bag, now they take their fries and put it in a large cup, but they overfill it so much that there are a ton of fries in the bag!

Now let me tell you about taste. Its fantastic, it really feels like you did this at your own backyard grill, except that you actually perfected it. Its not a wimpy size burger at all either, for the regular hamburger you get two patties, and the small hamburger is a single patty, but nonetheless its a decent sized burger, and top that with all the toppings and its huge. But unfortunately thats where a con lies with this. The people who make it really do not uniform the burger nicely, so you are left with a ton of napkin usage and a messy face. Since I am on the topic of cons, there is one other, and that is you can make a lot of selections for toppings for this burger, but theres only one selection of cheese! I kinda wish you could add like swiss or provolone, but they really are not as significant to me.

Mcdonalds, Burger King, Hardees, Wendys, have their bright spots, but sometimes being a jack of all trades can actually hurt, stick with the basics and try and perfect it! I give Five Guys an 8 out of 10.

Favorite dish......Chicken Adobo!

Seriously, a year ago if you were to ask me what was my favorite food, I might have answered with the usual, "pizza" chicken wings" hamburgers" and so on. I did not have a clear cut favorite, that is until I had some chicken adobo. What is this you might ask? Well let me tell you from the start, its a Filipino dish. I am one to not have had a lot of Filipino food, so at first I was a bit concerned about this.

Whats in this dish? The dish calls for either chicken or pork as your meat. For the chicken, you can use any part of the bird, its all good. Using ingredients such as garlic, ginger root, paprika, bay leaf, chili peppers (not a lot) followed by soy sauce, and then apple cider vinegar, in a huge pot let it get to a boil then let it simmer for 30 minutes, and then you got yourself a wonder tender juicy full of flavor chicken that will just leave you (well at least me) in food paradise. With white rice to give the chicken a bed to lay on and then the rice soaks up the flavor, it presents a wonderful combination that beats any dish to this day.

I can proudly call this dish my favorite, thank you Heather for introducing me to this. I can finally answer one of lifes most difficult questions!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big disappointment

After seeing commercials advertised for the "Big Hardee", I decided to try it. Now I am a fan of Hardee's angus burgers, as they are big sandwiches and tastes like what a real burger should be. Hardee's made this burger to compete with the McDonald's Big Mac.

As I made my order for the Big Hardee, I noticed on the board that it was made with 3 patties, so I was anticipating a surprise in size, thinking, "Wow! The burger alone might be quite filling." As the young lady brought me my food, I immediately was in shock. The burger was tiny! In prospective, my girlfriend had ordered the big chicken filet, and that thing dwarfed the almighty Big Hardee. This burger was so small, it easily fit in my hand as if I was about to eat a White Castle/Krystal burger. The 3 meat patties were very small and thin. Taste wise, it was passable, it was not loaded down with sauce, and it was not very greasy at all. Overall I give this sandwich an 5 out of 10.

With that I decided to head next door to McDonald's for size comparison. The moment I opened the box and took the sandwich in my hand, in utter failure to Hardee's, the Big Mac was indeed bigger. The meat was thicker, and it didn't fit into my hand as easily as the Big Hardee.

Today was a major disappointment to a chain that has prided itself to bigger sandwiches over its more popular competitors. In the fight of the bigger sandwich, the Big Mac wins over the Big Hardee.